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Our Vision:

Bykemania vision is simple, yet audacious - "Liberate city-dwellers from the hassles of transportation woes". Transportation in and around cities has increasingly become a painful experience due to a few fundamental reasons. Intense traffic on the roads indeed comes first in the list. Quality and coverage of public transport systems also has a long way to go. Although, private taxi market has seen significant disruption, they remain an expensive proposition for medium to long distances. Bykemania, through self-drive bike renting, aims to provide an alternate means of transportation that is free from frustration of traffic congestions, low cost and accessible within walking distance .

Our Mission:

To bring our vision to life, we plan to develop a pick-up / drop point within 2 km radius of any city- dweller. This would be achieved through introducing new vehicles as well as listing the existing inventory in the market. To deliver value for money, we shall maintain a fleet of utility vehicles while superior riding experience shall be delivered through a range of premium bikes. To make bike renting a compelling case for medium term requirements, attractive package will be available for renting above a month and beyond.

Our Operations:

Bengaluru is the first city wherein we start our operations. We have three pickup/drop locations at the moment and will soon add up many more. Our immediate goal is deliver an unmatched service in Bengaluru city and once the model is successfully established in our first city, we shall rapidly deploy the same in other cities.

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