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Delivering Joy through ride of your life..
What defines the youth of India in 21st century ? -adventurous & passionate nomads who are willing to explore the world and life with brimming confidence. Bykemania recognizes and salutes their spirit by helping them get on their dream ride through offering bikes on rent. While bike rental in Bangalore is growing rapidly with many players coming in, Bykemania offers you a range that encompasses your imagination - from Activa to Avenger and Himalayan to Harley, you get to choose what you desire. If you plan to holiday in Karnataka and looking for a bike on rent, reserve online the bike of your choice and we will have it delivered to your destination, making your holiday memorable. If you want to relive your days of romance on your anniversary, rent a Harley and hit the streets of Bangalore. If you want to recharge after your exams are over, rent your dream bike and rush to the sandy beaches of Goa. If your job is boring you to death, hire a Royal Enfield Himalayan and head to the serene mountains to find the inner peace. If you are running late for a movie and want to beat the traffic, rent an activa and save your precious time. You don’t have to buy a motorcycle and get stuck with it. Rent vs buy is a debate of the past. Bike rental in cities such as Bangalore will define the future of commute in years to come. The young generation is not placid; it’s always on the run. Renting a two-wheeler whenever and wherever needed solves one of the biggest woes in the transportation sector today, plagued by pollution and traffic. Bykemania is much more than a bike rental company. Our company values customer service as an investment for future. To ensure customer safety, we provide free helmets to both rider and the pillion. Unlike other vendors, we don’t force customers to book for full day on weekends. You can even rent a luxury bike for few hours, if its available at required time. Our rate allows for attractive rates for hourly, 12 hr, full day, weekly or monthly bookings. You can avail discount upto 20% if you reserve the bike for a week. For monthly bookings, the discount can be as high as 60% for select few models. We offer brand new fleet and follow a strict maintenance calendar for our bikes to ensure that you ride remains smooth and hassle-free. However, in worst case, we also offer road side assistance in case you face any major breakdown in transit. To further up our ante in customer service, we have opened up full-fledged branches in 5 locations to rent bike in Bangalore and plan to add many more as the year progresses. The branches are located in Kumaraswamy layout, Koramangala, Marthahalli, BTM Layout and Bel Road (near Ramaiah). Needless to say, we draw our happiness by creating happiness in the lives of our customers. Therefore, please share your memorable moments in pictures and reviews at www.facebook.com/bykemania. We aspire to be the most customer-centric two wheeler rental company on earth and with your love and support we are confident that we’ll attain this feat and maintain it for years to come. Besides, we soon plan to launch electric motorbikes once their performance reaches a satisfactory level.

Bike Rental in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for many things, and its traffic is one of those things. Hours of traffic increase your commute time, make you tired and just annoy you! You know the quickest solution to this is? Bikes! So what if you don't want to buy it, just rent it! Bangalore has one of the best bike rental services and we are proud to announce that we are one of them. Bykemania makes the entire process of renting, riding and delivering pretty simple for you.
Be it medium or long distances, we rent bikes and provide you solutions to all your requests. You would wonder what if you are too choosy about your rides, well, this is the best place to be. We have a bike for all kinds of rides and all kinds of riders. The one thing that sets us apart from all the bike rentals in Bangalore is that we know that the soul of a good ride is its bike. For us, your request and your safety is our priority. Your celebrations are ours and we are just glad that we could be a part of your life in the smallest or biggest way possible.

Bike For Rent in Bangalore

At Bykemania, we like to keep things simple. We developed an app just to make our consumer's life easier! Can you imagine renting a bike, at your fingertips? We go one step ahead and try our best to make our services better and better every single day. Bykemania in Bangalore is our first headquarter and we only look forward to growing from here. Considering the love for bike rides in Bangalore would only keep increasing, we introduce newer, faster, safer and advanced bikes, just to make your one ride special. Be it a road trip, or a ride to an important event, once you get off the bike, you should feel motivated and content. That's what we work towards, all day every day. We also offer exclusive packages to our loyal consumers and maintain a healthy relationship with our entire customer base as we would one day like to build a community where bike riders would come together and share their stories of their favourite bike rides of their lives. Isn't it something special? Be a part of this dream, be a part of Bykemania. If you are from Bangalore, drop by, if you are visiting Bangalore, just give us a call and we would be happy to help!

Rent A bike Bangalore

Bike rental is an untapped reserve that many bikers aren't aware of but can actually be a very reasonable and exciting way to commute. Bike rentals Bangalore like Bykemania will allow you to rent a bike for as less as 10 Rupees per hour which works to a very nominal amount and you can use services like this to travel in style using a different motorcycle each day. Bike for rent not only save you money but will also reduce the headaches normally associated with owning a bike. All you have to do is rent a bike. Use it for an enjoyable ride. Return it and forget all about it. Self drive bike rentals like Bykemania make it really convenient for you to rent motorcycles from all types and ranges starting from a scooter to a super bike like Hayabusa. This wide range of choice from a bike rental can perfectly satisfy your needs be it for a small trip or a long ride. Bike on rent Bangalore are a boon for ardent bikers as you can choose from a plethora of different bikes starting from economical models to medium powered bikes to cruisers to seriously powerful super bikes like the Ninja 650.

Hire a bike in Bangalore

We live in a world where bikes, scooters and all two-wheelers have earned the reputation of not being safe. We, at Bykemania, as a company works hard every day to make your every day safer. As cab rides and taxis loot you with their surge pricing, Rent bike Bangalore offer you exciting offers and other premium privileges. Wouldn't you want to be free from every day Bangalore's traffic and just break free? Picking up a bike from your nearest rental or just visiting our website would be a great start towards this process! With minimal processing steps, easy verification of documents, convenient pick-ups and drops, Bykemania is a customer friendly, passionate and honest bike rental in Bangalore. We aspire to change the perception of riders and promote their true passion - Rides.
It doesn't matter if it's a scooter or a bike, when you are on the road, moving through the gaps of what can be a possibly an hour-long traffic, you'd be happy that you made the decision of renting a bike/scooter.
So, give it a try, call us, email us or raise an enquiry from our website. We are here to build a community of safe, passionate and happy riders! We are here to stay!

Bike Rentals Bangalore

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