Bykemania Volaris Program

Bykemania, Bangalore's leading bike rental firm offers a range of exciting investment opportunities in two-wheeler asset leasing space. Join us and enjoy assured, hassle free high return at minimal risk.

Investment Portfolio

Hero NYX

User: Delivery exec, City commute etc

Net Return (XIRR)
Lease Term
36 months
Minimum Investment
Investment Corpus
Investment Raised

Why Invest

At Volaris we offer our investors significantly better return than prevailing investor instruments such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, corporate bonds etc. To your surprise, the higher returns comes with little or no additional risk as absolute incomes are safe guarded.

500K+ Strong & Growing Customers

Bykemania is among the top Two-wheeler rental company having 1000+ vehicles across all segments ranging from utility scooters to premium motorcycles. With relentless focus on vehicle hygiene and customer engagement, We have been doubling our user base year on year.

Assured Total Payout

Bykemania offers you committed total payout over a projected duration. While duration can drift upwards or downwards as per asset utilization, the total payouts remains firm. Therfore our investors only bear tenure risk while safeguarding the assured income.

Asset Security

Every vehicle is fitted with IOT devices that enable real time monitoring of the vehicles. Besides vehicles are insured, offering protection against theft & damages and rigorous KYC process is followed for our esteemed users capturing relevant customer details.

Hassle-Free and transparent

Once vehicle is on-boarded, sit back relax and see your investment grow real-time in our Bykemania Partners mobile app. All operational issues ranging from timely maintenance to document renewals and regular health checks will be managed by us.

How It Works

Once you choose to on-board, we have laid down a simple and hassle-free process from purchase to payment in a time bound manner.

  • Day 0

    Partner onboarding

    Partner shares KYC documents for registering the business

  • Day 8

    Vehicle order placement

    Vehicle portfolio is made as per the investment size and market demand and assets are purchased.

  • Day 14

    Vehicle registration & documentation

    Post vehicle delivery, RTO, ownership and leasing documents are processed.

  • Day 20

    Tech integration & go live

    Necessary customizations and security features are added in the vehicle and made live on the rental platform.

  • Day 20

    Timely return to investors

    Payout is calculated on a monthly basis and paid before 10th of subsequent month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volaris is an extremely low risk investment product that offers significantly higher returns vs existing market instruments. Investors directly own the two-wheeler assets that are leased to Bykemania Solutions for rental purposes, the proceeds of which is passed on to the investors on a monthly basis after deducting operational fees. The rental income may have slight variability month on month but total payout is guaranteed.
Firstly, vehicles are rented only through a rigorous document validation process for all our customer which include Driving License Authentication through Digi-Locker / Parivaahan, ID proof, and a local proof of address. Secondly, all vehicles have built in GPS enabled IoT devices that enable real time tracking and send exception pre-alerts. Lastly, our vehicle insurance policy is comprehensive enough to protect against unfortunate events of accident and theft.
The XIRR on investments would range from 25-30%. Absolute payout would be approx. 1.39X for 36 months duration. Absolute payout is guaranteed by flexing the tenure. The prevailing guaranteed return instruments are Fixed Deposits and Debt funds that offers XIRR in the range of 6%-9%.
Our enrollment process is simple & hassle free – depending upon investment size and preference, you will be registering for sole proprietorship or a partnership in an LLP. Our team will manage the onboarding process end to end while you need to furnish the necessary documents. Post onboarding, assets will be purchased and leased to Bykemania solutions for rental purposes.
Payments will be made on a monthly basis as a certain % of revenue generated from the asset. The investor share may vary within a range of 60%-70% depending on the asset type and the operational cost involved. However, the payouts are designed in a such a manner that target payout is most likely achieved by the projected duration.
The minimum investment amount is Rs. 2 lakhs per investment
Bykemania Solutions has own branches spread across the Bangalore City with dedicated operations executive who takes care of vehicle parking, handshakes with customers and routine inspection. We also have a team of maintenance technicians who conducts time based preventive maintenance to ensure longevity of the assets.
Partners cannot close out their investments before the tenure. If the target payout is reached before the investment tenure, the instrument retires.
You can invest in multiple assets across multiple timeframes. However, each investment will have its unique ID and will be treated separately for all processing purposes.
You can track your investments at our dedicated investor’s app “Bykemania Partner”. It shows your investment value, month on month payouts and all other investment related information.
There is no specific day to day responsibility for you as sole proprietor or partner in the LLP. There are no general legal provisions that restrict you as a partner from seeking any employment opportunities.
Post onboarding, you need to sign a lease agreement with Bykemania Solutions that will govern the payouts, tenure and scope of work etc.
Yes. Before signing, the draft copy of the agreement will be shared with investors for their perusal.
Yes. The total payout is guaranteed. However, monthly payout can vary and guaranteed payout will be made through flexing the tenure.
After purchase, vehicles are leased to Bykemania Solutions by the owners through the lease agreement and Permit is issued by RTO in favor of Bykemania Solutions. Therefore, Bykemania solutions is the legal custodian of the vehicles and all possible eventualities will be dealt from the office of Bykemania Solutions.
Bykemania Solutions tracks vehicle utilization for different models and gathers customer preference & feedback about new models arriving in the market. Basis these insights, the team recommends additional inventory across premium and utility segments. This is a dynamic process and the required inventory keeps changing month on month.
Bykemania Finance team maintain a record of all the Cashflow and P&L details for the investing entities. Bykemania also supports the investors in filing of ITR.
No. All onboarding and entity formation steps can be done digitally.