Top 5 bikes to watch for in 2019

India is a unique country in many ways and one of the ways is how big the motorcycle industry is in this country. Even though there are multiple manufacturers both indigenous and foreign, there seems to be an insatiable demand for more motorcycles. That is why, every year, manufacturers launch new motorcycles. This year is no different and here are the top 10 upcoming motorcycles in India.

Hero Xpulse: The one type of motorcycle that has been absent from the Indian market is a lightweight yet powerful motorcycle inspired by dirt bikes. It is not like such motorcycles do not have fans in India. One of the most popular motorcycles of a bygone era was the Yamaha RX100 which falls in this category. Hero had previously launched the Impulse which didn’t sell all that much during its initial run but now has developed a cult following among motorcyclists. It is perhaps this renewed interest that got Hero interested in launching the Xpulse. Continue reading “Top 5 bikes to watch for in 2019”