Here are seven bike-ride essentials you need to buy today!

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Life is tough. It gets tougher by the day as deadlines, competition and clients horde you with more stress. In such times, there are very few things that can help you relax, rewind, and re-energize. One of these things is a killer road trip. If you are the one who loves to ride the bike and makes the most of the road trip then get set with these seven bike-ride essentials you need to buy today.

Bike ride wear

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To be very honest, if you are riding a bike on a road trip with casual clothes, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. With the gusting wind, tons of dust, extreme cold or hot weather is going to wear you off. So always be prepared with the right clothes and accessories. The basic set consists of a good warm, leather jacket, gloves (preferably an extra pair), comfortable shoes and shades! The jackets keep you safe from the extreme weather you are going to face on the road, not to mention the safety it provides your regular clothes. If your trip is a little too adventurous, like it can a mountain climb, you need to be extra cautious. Go for knee and elbow pads, so if you fall, you are well-protected. Keep all your extra luggage in the saddlebags and tie it well to your bike so that you have enough stuff that can be sustained for your entire trip. If you are planning or a long ass road trip, you know the drill, rent a bike from Bykemania, get set with your bike-ride wear and vroom away! If you do not wish to invest in all of the bike gear, you can rent it at Bykemania and utilize it well!


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 If you are a part of the Gen X generation, you wish to record everything! Especially if you are on an adventurous journey on your bike, then who would miss out on this amazing opportunity of just recording the entire trip? One of the biggest innovations of technology which has made lives easier is a GoPro. All you have to do is attach it to your helmet and let it record the entire journey! Sounds like a great idea? Well, it is! Invest in a DSLR or a go pro camera or if you need it on an immediate business, just rent it at Bykemania.

A Battery pack

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Technology has gotten the best of us. Whether it is for maps, or just Instagramming your cutting chai, your smartphone is always in use. If you are a technology-savvy person, then you will be fully geared up with Bluetooth headset, go pro and many more things. To keep them charged up at all times, ensure that you have a battery pack. So, the next time you find yourself at a beautiful roadside enjoying a mesmerizing sunset, your battery will not be an issue while you are trying to click that sight.

Bluetooth Headset



If you are a lone rider and have just been on the road four straight up 3 hours, roads tend to get blurry, you fall asleep, you get bored or you just want some company, a Bluetooth headset attached to your helmet is your best road-trip buddy. It is one of the best and relatively cheaper accessories that you can afford and enjoy. If you are riding in a group, communicating with your travel buddies is very important and stopping the bike to give them a call is a thing of the past. So while you are out there renting a bike from Bykemania in Bangalore, you might as well make this wise decision.

Tool Kit

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 We are assured that if you have a rented a bike from Bykemania in Bangalore, your trip is gonna be very smooth! But the one thing that you can’t trust on a road trip is the roads. So, when you plan on setting out to an unknown place for an adventure, ensure that you have all the tools in your kit. If you are in a rut, literally or figuratively, you are set to sort it out!



 It’s a basic rule one should always follow! The roads are unknown, the people are strangers and you are on an adventurous trip, if you are not careful enough, you are going to be in trouble. Having physical cash on you is something you should definitely count on! (Pun Intended)

Do not rely on travel cheques, coupons or cards, the terms and conditions apply section screws you over at the wrong hour. Stay smart, spend well and stay safe

Good book/ Journal


 This is specific to those riders who are literature lovers! Never underestimate the power of a good story after a long tiring day of a good ride. If technology bores you, resting in a roadside motel and writing about the day in your journal is one of the best ways to unwind! So always keep a book or a journal in your backpack to keep the creative juices flowing in your head.

So that’s it, these are the seven things that you need when you are out on a road trip on your favorite travel partner your bike! Go for your own or rent a bike from Bykemania in Bangalore. The only thing that matters is the feel of your journey! Make sure, it’s a good one! Happy Riding to you.